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Clara's Dog Care

Spreading the love of God to humans & their furry friends.

The beautiful drawing above is a recreation of an old photo of Clara. It was so sweetly done by a good friend of mine, Kelsey Lindh.


My name is MALLORY,


I am the girl behind Clara's Dog Care. My services provide in home dog sitting and dog walking. This allows your dog to stay in the comfort of his or her own home while you are away. I come and go to let your dog out for bathroom breaks, to feed them, or to walk them.


*Disclaimer... I do not stay at your house overnight. I will come throughout the day to care for the needs of your dog(s).

All prices listed do not include tax yet.

All prices are based on whether you have one dog or more. :)

Feel free to find more information on me either on the "about" page or the "contact" page. You are welcome to call, text, or email me to ask any questions you have. If you are getting ahold of me to book a service for the first time please allow a few days ahead of time. I require a meet and greet with your dog and yourself. This way your furry friend becomes familiar with me and I get to know them while their AWESOME owner is around! 

" And He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.' "

Mark 16:15

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